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Direct beneficiaries


Since 2007, AVSF has been working in southern Colombia with indigenous organizations of Pasto people and civil society organizations that carry out activities for: land development and local development on autonomous Indian lands, encouraging a shift towards more agro-ecological production, and promoting local smallholder products. Since 2011, AVSF has also been working with Pasto communities and the Agro-ecologic Movement of Latin America (MAELA) on a cross-border project to provide technical assistance to 400 smallholder families for the improvement of highly-diversified and organic production systems. Several producer organizations were created or strengthened to take charge of smallholder markets and other systems of direct sale.

What we do:


  • Promoting economic initiatives (agroecology, small farming, local marketing, specific labels) for 2,400 peasant and indigenous families in the Pasto region of South Colombia and North Ecuador
  • Strengthening 35 community organizations representing more than 2,850 peasant families to consolidate agroecological production systems in southwestern Colombia areas affected by the conflict

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