Emergency and post-emergency

In situation of draughts, floodings and other climatic catastrophes, as wells as during conflicts and  civil wars that force people to displace, the mission of VSF International is to provide the affected populations with the means and ability to continue production, so that they can feed themselves and ensure that their most vital economic needs are met.

We distribute livestock feed or sell it at a considerably reduced price, but we also give cereals as food aid to the population. We put in place food for work programmes, paying livestock keepers for work that benefits the whole community, like repairs of water points, schools, hospitals and roads. We help in livestock recapitalisation, buying weakened animals from the livestock keepers and paying the villagers for processing the meat which we later distribute, as food aid, to the most disadvantaged families.

Our focus is on combatting malnutrition (primarily in women and children), through the valorisation of local resources. Animal blood, dried meat, as well as milk (also from “unconventional” animals as camels) can prove key for improving nutritional status of populations affected by emergency and post-emergency situations.

Finally, in reconstruction phases, and as a first contribution to development, we support livestock keepers with restocking their herd, restore pastures and assuring access to natural resources.

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