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Uganda is an agricultural country, with more than 82% of the population (34.6 million people) engaged in agriculture. 85% of the agricultural population is small-scale farmers, and 80% of them are women.

Ugandan small farmers are experiencing problems in commercialization of their products due to poor access to markets and low market prices. The right to food has been ignored in rural areas as a result of the difficult access of small farmers to productive resources such as land, water, sustainability and agricultural extension services.

VSF Belgium and VIVA are working mainly in the Karamoja region, in northeastern Uganda, where pastoralism plays a significant role. Here, long-term droughts due to climate change, lack of government support and recurrent conflicts threaten the livelihoods of local communities. In addition, animal healthcare has barely been expanded, which regularly causes epidemics with massive mortality in cattle.

What we do:

  • Technical assistance in the areas of animal health, livestock production, horticulture;
  • Capacity building of veterinary services;
  • Micro credit access and promotion of income generating activities;
  • Support to local water and grazing committees, which sustainably manage the natural resources;
  • Capacity building of local associations to promote advocacy for pastoralism;
  • Education and training in agriculture, animal health and nutrition.

Uganda is also one of the countries where VWB/VSF Canada sends volunteers through their “Volunteers for Healthy Animals and Healthy Communities” project, to reinforce the capacities of local partner organizations.


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