Presence in the country:


Beneficiary households

Women improved their professional and/or life skills through empowerment, capacity building or income generating activities

Since 2007, AVSF has been working in southern Colombia with indigenous organizations of Pasto people and civil society organizations that carry out activities for: land development and local development on autonomous Indian lands, encouraging a shift towards more agro-ecological production, and promoting local smallholder products.

Since 2011, AVSF has also been working with Pasto communities and the Agro-ecologic Movement of Latin America (MAELA) on a cross-border project to provide technical assistance to 400 smallholder families for the improvement of highly-diversified and organic production systems. Several producer organizations were created or strengthened to take charge of smallholder markets and other systems of direct sale.

What we do:


  • Promoting economic initiatives (agroecology, small farming, local marketing, specific labels) for 2,400 peasant and indigenous families in the Pasto region of South Colombia and North Ecuador
  • Strengthening 35 community organizations representing more than 2,850 peasant families to consolidate agroecological production systems in southwestern Colombia areas affected by the conflict

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