Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.58.03A new global database of organizations working on pastoralism has been released this week in the website of the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub.

The database is fruit of a collaboration between VSF International and FAO, who joined efforts to compile details of over 230 civil society organizations, research institutions, private sector firms, multilateral organizations, and government agencies whose work is directly related to pastoralism.

For each of these organizations, the database contains details on areas of work, reach and contact details. It can be searched across country, region, type and areas of work of the organizations.

The database was made possible thanks to the active involvement of all the organizations that provided information through different pastoralist networks or during regional meetings between 2015 and 2017.

This tool was conceived in order to facilitate contacts and foster collaborations between organizations working in support of pastoral communities across the world. There is still ongoing work to keep the database updated and alive, and to expand it to countries not yet covered, where pastoralism plays a significant role.

This will be possible only with the continued cooperation of all users, and thanks to the coordination role of the Pastoralist Knowledge Hub.

» Access to the database here



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