Our purpose and beliefs

Healthy people, healthy animals, healthy environment.

VSF International aims to raise awareness on the positive role of livestock, sustainable agriculture and small scale integrated farming systems as a key factor for sustainable livelihood development.

Our members are active in more than 30 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia to improve the living conditions of the most disadvantaged rural populations through veterinary and agricultural services, sustainable animal production, training, value chain development and sustainable natural resource management.

557A0232We believe that:

  • The healthy and sustainable relationship between humans, animals and their environment is of the utmost importance for the livelihoods and living conditions of all people;
  • Food and nutrition security and food safety through veterinary care and knowledge are crucial for improving livelihoods of vulnerable populations.

As a network, VSF International was created to strengthen the collaboration between its members in terms of information and experience exchange, strategic thinking, geographical coverage, human resource sharing and adoption of innovative solutions to improve the well-being of disadvantaged populations. As well, the network is committed to promote the exchange of experience between members and local partners, contributing to capacity building using participatory approaches.

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