VSF International has recently been actively involved in major international events, highlighting our Community Animal Health Workers (CAHW) project.

39th Congress of the World Veterinary Association   

From April 16 to 19, we joined animal health professionals from around the world at the 39th World Veterinary Association Congress in Cape Town. Our presentation highlighted the significant impact of CAHWs in improving animal health, essential to the well-being of remote rural communities.

3rd Joint AITVM-STVM Conference  

From May 21 to 24, VSF International was honored to participate in the 3rd Joint AITVM-STVM Conference on Tropical Veterinary Medicine in Times of Challenge in Montpellier. Once again, we presented our innovative work with CAHWs, highlighting their crucial role in delivering quality veterinary services.

91st General Session of the World Assembly of Delegates  

Finally, from May 26 to 30, we attended the 91st General Session of the World Assembly of Delegates in Paris. Earlier this year, we renewed our partnership agreement with the World Organization for Animal Health, in force since 2020.

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