Vétérinaires Sans Frontières International

An international network of non-profit organizations working all over the world in the field of agriculture and livestock production, animal health and animal welfare, to support small-scale farmers

VSF in support of Ukraine

At present, two VSF International’s member organizations are active in providing support to refugees’ pets. Check here how can you help.

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Vaccinate for Africa

A campaign implemented in 8 countries to collaborate with veterinary clinics in support to African livestock keepers.

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Pastoralism supports between 200 and 600 million people in drylands, mountainous and marginal lands. VSF International works to support pastoralist communities, and advocates to recognize the multiple economic, social, cultural and environmental functions of pastoralism.

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Healthy people, healthy animals, healthy environment

VSF International aims to raise awareness on the positive role of livestock, sustainable agriculture and small scale integrated farming systems as a key factor for sustainable livelihood development.

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Fight poverty by supporting small-scale farmers, livestock keepers and pastoralists

VSF International supports families and producers organisations through technical and methodological support on livestock and agroecological production systems.

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Active in 38 countries

VSF International’s members support families and farmers’ organizations in 38 countries in Africa, the Americas and Asia, implementing altogether over 200 projects.


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VSF International promotes a holistic approach, integrating human, animal and environmental health, and pursues humanitarian, development, scientific, educational and advocacy objectives.

Better Living Conditions

Ensure better living conditions for the most vulnerable populations
One Health

One Health

Affirm principles of “One Health”, promoting a healthy and sustainable relationship between humans, animals and their environment.

Food Sovereignty

Support agroecological production models and promote food sovereignty

Veterinary care and knowledge

Promote food safety and food and nutritional security through veterinary care and knowledge

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HEAL Community of Practice

The One Health for Humans, Environment, Animals and Livelihoods (HEAL) is a project implemented in the Horn of Africa by VSF Suisse in partnership with ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute), CCM (Comitato Collaborazione Medica) and TRIM (Translation Into... read more

VSF-Int General Assembly 2021- We have a new member!

We held our General Assembly meeting on Friday in Brussels, Belgium. It was a wonderful two days of intense discussion, passion and concrete progress towards our goals. Thank you to all members for their contributions! During the General Assembly, the members of the... read more

Why animal health is vital to Ghana’s rural communities

Article by Dr Anthony Akunzule, Executive Director of Ghana Poultry Network and coordinator of VSF/VWB Canada projects in Ghana. In October 2021, I worked with the A4AH coalition to make the case for the G20 to recognise why animal health and animal welfare systems... read more

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