Agroecology and One Health. Building a solid and lasting One Health on the basis of Agroecology.


VSF International position paper n. 3 – January 2014.

VSF International believes that applied agroecology enhances animal and human health in the broadest sense, promoting the physical and psychological wellbeing of livestock that ultimately results in food security, appropriate breeding practices, and use of breeds and species suited to the local environment and culture. Food security and food sovereignty for humans, animals, and the environment are the foundations for a stable One Health system.

VSF emphasizes the need to simultaneously support different components of agro-ecological farming in the context of a realistic and pragmatic approach to agro-ecological transition,  resulting in a  social, economic, cultural and political reframing of the current dominant system.

Only through an agro-ecological approach that recognizes the uniqueness of each local situation and starts with the experiences and solutions provided by local communities, will we be able to build a solid and sustainable One Health for all.

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