Vaccinate for Africa: every vaccination counts!

Since 2019, VSF International organizes every year “Vaccinate for Africa”, a joint international campaign implemented in several countries to collaborate with veterinary clinics in support to African livestock keepers.


During one week, veterinary clinics collect the revenues made through vaccinations and other treatments, and donate part of them to the local VSF. These donations will support our work in Africa to keep animals and people in good health.

After the success of last years, in 2023 we are ready to launch the fifth edition of the Vaccinate for Africa international campaign. The campaign will be run in 6 European countries, coordinated by the local member of the VSF International network: AVSF France, VSF Germany, VSF Suisse, VSF Italy, VSF Netherlands and VSF Sweden. Don’t hesitate to contact them for more information about your country!


Vaccinate for Africa is the opportunity for veterinarians to participate in an international campaign and communicate about their commitment to their clients. The local VSF will provide communication kits to registered practitioners to help them inviting their clients to vaccinate their animals during the campaign week.

Pet owners

Pet owners can contribute to support the work of the VSF network by bringing their puppy to one of the clinics participating to the campaign during the corresponding week. Check below the dates and find more information about each country.

Find out more information from the different participating countries:

» Click on each country to get more information:


8-12 May 2023
&  25-29 September 2023



12-17 June 2023



22 – 26 May 2023



11-17 December 2023


The Netherlands

5-11 June 2023


Check on the map the veterinary practices who already signed up:

A huge thanks to all of them!

» If you want to register, please contact the organizing VSF in your country!

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