A good news for smallholders livestock keepers and pastoralists !

Earlier this month, the Committee on Agriculture (COAG) of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization concluded a virtual meeting. Among the matters on the agenda was a proposal initiated by the Mongolian government, seeking that the UN declare 2026 as the International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (IYRP). By the end of the COAG meeting, this proposal had been accepted, with no objections.
In a united global effort, numerous national governments, research institutes and above all civil society – including pastoralist – organisations had sent support letters. VSF International also supported the proposal, joining more than 150 other organizations worldwide.
The proposal will now be taken up in the FAO Council meeting in December this year and the FAO Conference in June 2021, to be recommended for the UN General Assembly’s official designation, expected in October 2021.


You can already visit the website created by the International Support Group for the IYRP by clicking here

You can also visit our members websites pages referring to this news: VSF Belgium ; AVSF

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