Regional consultations with pastoralisits' civil society organisations

In the framework of the project ‘Regional Consultations with Pastoralist and Livestock Breeder CSOs – Towards better Policies in Support of Pastoralism’, co-financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), VSF-International organised 5 regional workshops with pastoralists and livestock breeders representatives.

In each regional meeting, the participants set out policy recommendations for the sustainable development of pastoralism and prepared the messages for the Special Session of the Farmers Forum with Pastoralists and Livestock Breeders.

West and Central Africa

7-9 Jan 2016, Bamako, Mali
85 participants from 10 countries

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Eastern and Southern Africa

21-23 Jan 2016, Lukenya, Kenya
28 participants from 8 countries

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North Africa and West Asia

14-15 Jan 2016, Hammamet, Tunisia
39 participants from 10 countries

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25-26 Jan 2016, Hustai National Park, Mongolia
30 participants from 5 countries

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Latin America

17-19 Jan 2016, La Paz, Bolivia
30 participants form 5 countries

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