One Health for One World: A Compendium of Case Studies by VSF Canada

ohow compendium case studiesThe global initiatives to address the one health of the one world that we share as multiple species is being carried forward through advances in theory and practice around the world. However, there is still a tendency for health-related organizations to revert to a relatively simple animal-human dyad, rather than considering the roots of human well-being (and ill health) in the dynamics of complex ecological systems.

This compendium is intended to bring together stories of some of the initiatives that have been informed by one health thinking, and which have begun the journey toward a more integrative understanding of health and well-being.

Each case study is organized into four sections:

  1. The Animal-Human-Ecosystem Dynamics, which describes why this disease is an appropriate candidate for one health approaches;
  2. The Disease, which gives basic information about the clinical disease and the infectious agent associated with it;
  3. Response and Conclusions, which sets out ways in which some organizations have responded to the disease using one health principles; and
  4. Policy Implications, which suggests some implications for government, business or research policies.

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