Involving nomadic tribes in ecotourism circuits in Iran


















Improving nomadic livelihood through the diversification of pastoralists’ income from ecotourism.


The ecotourism organization GONOMAD aims to develop Iran’s nomadic areas into a unique preferred tourism destination. Besides the increased local economic growth through active and financial involvement of the pastoralists, people benefit from the sustainably utilized touristic landscapes resources. Eco-tourism helps also to prevent migration of nomadic families – and especially youths – to megacities.

The healthy environment, the respect of the nomadic people’s rights and the protection of the environment were main pillars of the GONOMAD strategy. If proofed successful, GONOMAD could be a regional model for balancing environmentally friendly development of cultural diversity, conserving biodiversity, increasing regenerative capacity of ecosystem resources and building a base for future generations of the Iranian pastoralists. Currently GONOMAD estimates that a total 126,000 individuals benefited from their actions of Bakhtiari.

Atabak Jahanbaz Fard

Go Nomad

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