Ecotourism to diversify incomes of Mongolian pastoralists

















Community-based tourism at Bayansonginot pastoralist community, Central province, Mongolia


Bayansoginot Community is a pastoralist community-based organization (CBO) formalized since 2004 and includes 15 active pastoralist families.

The main activity of the community is pastoralism. As a result of the self-organization of the community, the pastoralist families have got an advantage to prepare hay and fodder and other activities together.

The CBO successfully developed community based tourism as alternative income generation. Every year over 500 tourists from France, Germany, England, Italy and the Netherlands visit the community and enjoy the nomadic lifestyle, culture, tradition and pastoralism. Annually the community earns approximately USD 4,000 net profit. Minimum USD 500 is generated for each member family, who shared hosting the tourists.

This community based tourism is not only supporting the livelihood but also promoting Mongolian nomadic animal husbandry, indigenous knowledge, tradition and culture. It is the most important economic impulse for the community. The community members attend annual tourism fair, which is organized in the capital Ulaanbaatar, on their own expense and make a contracts with tour companies.

For the last years, the number of tour operators, who engaged in contracts with the community organization, increased, which proves the high demand and value for tourism, the location, and offered service.

B. Batzaya

Youth representative, Mongolian Alliance of Nomadic and Indigenous Peopole (MANIP)

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