Why and how to integrate the One Health approach into training of Community Animal Health Workers

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CAHWs and OH - EngVSF International, November 2023

Living in close contact with animals and their natural environment, members of rural communities – and livestock farmers in particular – often have a deep-rooted understanding of the One Health approach. However, actors from the sectors of human health, animal health and environmental health still too often operate in silos, at both central and local level.

With appropriate training and follow-up, Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) can act as the missing link
at local level and make the One Health approach operational on the ground. In daily contact with farmers, animals and the environment, they are front-line players and are trusted by their communities.

In this publication, VSF International highlights the benefits of integrating the OH approach into CAHW programmes, and identifies some recommendations for their training and deployment, in close collaboration with the human health and environment sectors.

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